Does the Type of Telescope Eyepiece Matter?

telescope eyepiece

The telescope is relatively simple to use, and you just have to make minimal adjustments in order to find the correct magnification settings. However, there are certain aspects in several parts of the telescope that is too complex for beginners and even some veterans to understand, and one of these parts is … Read more

The Most Important Constellations For Ancient Navigators

A starry night sky over the sea

It is a pretty common belief among us that our ancestors were dumb, which is sad because the truth is quite the opposite. Humanity did not always reside in caves and get scared by natural fires. We only got where we are today because of our ancestors’ scientific progress. Indeed, humanity has … Read more

What Are Fast Radio Bursts?

Artist’s impression of a fast radio burst FRB 181112 traveling through space and reaching Earth

Let’s unveil the mysterious phenomenon of nature that has confused the scientists and astronomers of its true existence. We are talking about Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), which are intense bursts of radio emission that are as short as milliseconds and show the characteristic dispersion sweep of radio pulsars. We also recommend you … Read more

National Weatherman’s Day

Sun’s rays breaking through the clouds

When planning an event or even going about our daily routine, we usually check the weather forecast before leaving the house. This is done to ensure that we are prepared before heading outside, whether it’s for school, college, work, or errands. Checking the weather helps us to know when to bring an … Read more

Tips for Urban and City Stargazers


Some people who live in the city might find it difficult to stargaze from their neighborhoods. That even though there are lots of telescopes for sale today, people are still not into astronomy because they are unable to see the stars due to light pollution. But did you know that even though … Read more

Upcoming Schedule of Solar and Lunar Eclipses

lunar eclipse

An eclipse is the masking of a celestial body by another along an observer’s line of sight. From our perspective on Earth, there are two types of eclipses that occur. One is the lunar eclipse which is the blocking of the moon by the Earth’s shadow, and the other one is the … Read more

5 Tips to Help You Chose a Telescope for Astronomy

5 Tips to Help You Chose a Telescope for Astronomy

Odds are, if you’re looking to get into astronomy or looking to upgrade your telescope, you’ve already realized it’s not as easy as it looks. When talking about telescopes it’s so easy to get caught up in all the technical terms, mechanics and features which often leaves people frustrated before it’s all … Read more