Where to See Green Lightning?

Are you looking for a unique and awe-inspiring natural phenomenon to witness? Look no further than green lightning, a rare and beautiful occurrence that can be seen in certain parts of the world.  This blog post will look into the science behind green lightning and the best places to see it. From … Read more

Learn More about the Amazing Himiko Clouds

Himiko Cloud

In 2009, a team of Japanese researchers reported that a newly discovered primordial blob could be the most enormous object yet identified in the early universe. The gas cloud, which was discovered from a distance of 12.9 billion light-years, could indicate the early phases of galaxy formation when the universe was only … Read more

What is the Difference Between Blue and Green Lightning?

What is the Difference Between Blue and Green Lightning

Lightning is among the most astounding freak of nature that continues to fascinate human beings, both by its distinct beauty and raw power. It almost always appears in white. Yet, these powerful bolts come in a variety of colors like blue, yellow, orange, purple, and green. All these colors have different causes … Read more

What Information Does a Weather Balloon Capture?

What Information Does a Weather Balloon Capture

Twice a day, on every single day of the year, meteorologists across the globe conduct an old tradition that has helped create forecasts for over a century – launching weather balloons. You might have seen or heard about it in weather discussions, writings, or reports. Yet, despite being sent skyward in hundreds … Read more

What Causes Green Lightning?

What Causes Green Lightning

Beautiful, powerful, and dangerous, lightning is one of the most fascinating forces of nature, resulting from unbalanced electric charges inside the storm clouds or between them and on Earth. Often seen as a white flash, it’s available in a spectrum of colors like red, yellow, orange, and violet, with the other colors … Read more

The Hottest Countries in the World

Death Valley Mountains

Have you tried staying outdoor under the scorching heat of the sun for a few minutes? For sure, you didn’t like it as it hurts your skin and might even cause you a headache after your extended exposure to sunlight. During summer, as the cirrus clouds beautifully showcase in the bluest and … Read more

Weather vs. Climate: Telling the Difference

a weather station at Mildura Airport, Victoria, Australia

It’s summertime, and the sun is shining brighter than ever before. Early in the morning, where the clouds are like cotton candies in the clear blue sky, a man and his friends pack their bags, ready their binoculars, and are excited about their first birding activity. It’s indeed a perfect time for … Read more

What Are Cumulus Clouds?

blue sky, cumulus clouds

Whether you are a nature-lover painter, a musician, a photographer, or a weather forecaster, clouds are essential subjects of life. One of the best views of the clouds is in sunny Los Angeles, California. Clouds seem to contain some magic; they make people see many things in the sky-in one side are … Read more

What Are Mammatus Clouds?

Mammatus clouds, migratory birds

Whether you are a storm chaser that watches the sky to determine the weather or just fascinated by the beauty of their different formations and structure, clouds are a very important indicator of the current condition in a particular place and time. Children love to draw them with different shapes according to … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Asperatus Clouds

wave-like clouds

What clouds do you know? Can you recognize and differentiate which clouds are Cirrus and which formations are Cumulus or Stratus? We may generally call them just clouds, but there are many types of clouds up in the sky, and we must learn their differences as they are weather determinants.  Clouds are … Read more