Guide to Indoor Thermometers and Top Picks

Wireless indoor-outdoor thermometer

You’d think installing an indoor thermometer inside your home is just another waste of cash. But, indoor thermometers are just as crucial as your air conditioning unit. Thermometers are essential tools to help you work around your house’s temperature by simply knowing how hot or cold the day is. Homeowners gain lots … Read more

What Is A Humidity Gauge And How To Use It?

analog gold hygrometer

Air that’s too humid or too dry will make you feel uncomfortable and can even ruin your plans for the day. Humidity alters your perception of a given temperature – more humidity makes you feel warmer and lower humidity makes you feel cooler, even though the temperature’s the same. Basic meteorology uses … Read more

All About Green Lightning

green current

Green lightning is such a rare weather phenomenon that only a few are lucky enough to have witnessed. It’s almost like regular lightning, except for its eerie green color. There already is a simple theory behind it and some misconceptions as well. The only actual photograph of green lightning was taken during the eruption … Read more

What is Red lightning?

water, trees, storm clouds, lightning, red sky

Red lightning or red sprites are large-scale electric discharges occurring overhead cumulonimbus or thunderstorm clouds, causing a wide range of visual shapes to flicker in the night sky. They are typically brought on by the positive lightning discharges between the ground and an underlying thundercloud. These luminous reddish-orange flashes usually happen at … Read more

Facts You Should Know About Antarctica

Group of penguins on ice

Antarctica is one of the continents in the south. The geographic location of Antarctica is in the South Pole. To your surprise, it is the fifth-largest continent and it is twice the size of Australia. Among all of the seven continents on this planet, Antarctica is the least populated continent. In summers, … Read more

What causes Thunderstorms?

dark large clouds and the flashes of lightning, a road and street lights

It was a pleasant day one morning. The clouds are in the sky forming different shapes and sizes. Ben and Mike decided to go for a hike to breathe some colder and fresher air of the mountain. They packed their things, brought water, food, and other essential stuff for the day’s adventure. … Read more

What is Cloud Seeding?

big puffy clouds, strong rainfall in the middle, tall grass, several bungalow houses

Clouds contain water droplets that condense and eventually turn into rain. However, not all the time that the water is enough to create precipitation. Sometimes, water molecules spread out due to the lack of water droplets on the clouds. This is where the importance of cloud seeding comes in. WHAT IS CLOUD … Read more

Weather vs. Climate: Telling the Difference

a weather station at Mildura Airport, Victoria, Australia

It’s summertime, and the sun is shining brighter than ever before. Early in the morning, where the clouds are like cotton candies in the clear blue sky, Pete and his friends pack their bags, ready their binoculars, and are excited about their first birding activity. It’s indeed a perfect time for them to have an … Read more

What is Catatumbo lightning?

black surrounding and the lightning

Lightning is the sudden discharge of the electrostatic force during an electrical storm. During this discharge, the atmosphere’s charged regions equalize themselves temporarily right as they hit an object on the ground. There will always be the sound of thunder accompanying the lightning. How does lightning form? Since lightning is an electric … Read more