International Space Station: Can you see it with a telescope?

International Space Station orbiting the Earth, Earth’s atmosphere, white clouds, black space

The largest man-made object to be in outer space is the International Space Station (ISS), and for years, amateur astronomers have been enjoying observing it drifting past the sky. It can actually be seen from anywhere around the globe with the right conditions. Many people made it a part of their hobby, … Read more

The Largest Constellations in the Night Sky

a glowing tent on a wide field, and the night sky with many stars

Currently, there are 88 constellations scattered through the night sky in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Some of these, especially the greek ones, have been known since ancient times. Here’s a list of the largest constellations in the night sky. Hydra Hydra is the largest of all the constellations that take … Read more

Lunar Plains and Mountains Visible Through a Telescope

space, moon, satellite, craters, lunar, mountains

Earth’s Moon is perhaps the most magnificent view up in the night sky. It’s one of the celestial bodies one can view with their naked eyes. The moon, though, looks even more spectacular when viewed up close using binoculars or a telescope. To start with, you could look for a lunar map that you … Read more

What you need to know about Comets and Asteroids

space, galaxy, comet, universe, astronomy, stars

At the beginning of our solar system’s creation, a massive billowing cloud of dust and gas circled around the Sun, and dust particles collided with each other and formed into a rock until they ultimately reached the size of a boulder. This process formed not just the planets of our solar system … Read more

Pinwheel Galaxy

Pinwheel galaxy

The Milky Way is perhaps the most famous galaxy that people know, and even preschool kids can name it. But little did we learn and heard about other galaxies, and that there are about hundreds of billions of them scattered in the universe. We can see some galaxies with our naked eyes, … Read more

Messier 82, Cigar galaxy

the magnificent starburst galaxy, Messier 82

While a famed French astronomer Charles Messier was hunting for celestial objects during the 18th century, he noticed several “nebulous objects” while surveying the night sky. He decided to catalog those commonly mistaken objects as comets so others would not make the same mistake. The resulting list known as Messier Catalog now … Read more

Whirlpool Galaxy

Whirlpool galaxy

On October 13, 1773, while Charles Messier was hunting for celestial objects, he found this spiral galaxy full of beauty with its graceful and winding arms appearing like a grand spiral staircase sweeping through space. It was called M51 or known as Whirlpool galaxy. Its arms are actually stars and gas laced … Read more

Triangulum Galaxy (Messier 33)

a clearer image of Triangulum galaxy

The Triangulum galaxy is a spiral galaxy about 3 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Triangulum. The galaxy cataloged as Messier 33, or NGC 598, belongs to the Local Group of galaxies, including our Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxies. It is one of the smallest in the Local Group and … Read more

Centaurus A Galaxy

A galaxy of stars

Have you heard this line: “look at the stars, look how they shine for you”? That line is from “Yellow,” a song written by Coldplay. Like what the song suggests, look at the stars. When the pandemic struck nations, it brought changes in our daily routines and how we see our planet. … Read more

What are the Major Telescope Brands?

telescope pointing to the starry sky

When it comes to telescopes, there are many different kinds and models out there which are offered by various brands. But when it comes to buying telescopes, it is better to choose one that is from a reputable telescope brand. This way, you can ensure that you are getting a high-quality product … Read more