What Happens To Your Body When You Are In Space?

big rocket launching, blue sky, green field, thick smoke under the rocket, blue planet covered in clouds

Being in outer space might be amazing and a little bit exciting because not all people are given a chance to be outside of Earth, but being in space can be quite dangerous to the human body because space can be a hostile environment. A person in space is being exposed to too high radiation … Read more

International Space Station: Can you see it with a telescope?

International Space Station orbiting the Earth, Earth’s atmosphere, white clouds, black space

The largest man-made object to be in outer space is the International Space Station (ISS), and for years, amateur astronomers have been enjoying observing it drifting past the sky. It can actually be seen from anywhere around the globe with the right conditions. Many people made it a part of their hobby, … Read more

How Many Satellites Orbit the Earth

SpaceX satellite orbiting the Earth, a portion of Earth’s land and water masses, white clouds in Earth’s atmosphere, black space

Humans always had a fascination with space and the stars. It’s not just for mere philosophy; humans also look to space to find the answers for problems here on Earth. Humans took to space technology since its applications bring a lot of benefits. Now, there are satellites for everything from internet connectivity … Read more

Satellites and Their Uses

satellite floating, blue background with white foggy area

Have you ever wondered what satellites are for? Or how they affect our lives? Well, for starters, satellites are created by man to put them into orbit. We may not know it, but they did and still do a lot of help in our lives. They provide us with security, bring forth … Read more