What galaxies can you only see with a telescope?

a telescope and a night sky with stars

Man’s curiosity is as vast as the Universe. People have endless questions about the different phenomena and the existence of things on Earth and beyond. The study about our favorite Galaxy-Milky Way and some other galaxies have been around since the 17th century. Besides our Milky Way, billions of other galaxies are … Read more

Large and Small Magellanic Clouds

ALMA antennae in red light, onthe background are the southern Milky Way

LARGE MAGELLANIC CLOUD Named after the explorer, and Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan, whose crew discovered these companion galaxies to the Milky Way during the first voyage worldwide (1519–22). It is called the Large Magellanic Cloud or LMC for short.It is not a cloud but a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way that … Read more