International Space Station: Can you see it with a telescope?

International Space Station orbiting the Earth, Earth’s atmosphere, white clouds, black space

The largest man-made object to be in outer space is the International Space Station (ISS), and for years, amateur astronomers have been enjoying observing it drifting past the sky. It can actually be seen from anywhere around the globe with the right conditions. Many people made it a part of their hobby, … Read more

Are Apollo Landing Sites Visible Using a Telescope?

astronaut riding a vehicle, gray and rough moon surface

There are a total of six Apollo landing sites as of the moment, and not one of the items left by astronauts or any descent stages can be seen through the use of the telescope. Even the biggest and the most advanced telescopes right now will not be able to help people spot the … Read more

What is the Farthest Distance a Telescope Has Ever Seen?

big cylindrical telescope beside the earth, spherical planet covered in blue, white, and brown spots

A telescope is an instrument that is used to magnify and see objects that are not visible to the naked eyes. It uses lenses, mirrors, or sometimes a combination of the two. Most telescopes are used to see celestial bodies and objects in the night sky. Telescopes come in various sizes, uses, … Read more

Lunar Plains and Mountains Visible Through a Telescope

space, moon, satellite, craters, lunar, mountains

Earth’s Moon is perhaps the most magnificent view up in the night sky. It’s one of the celestial bodies one can view with their naked eyes. The moon, though, looks even more spectacular when viewed up close using binoculars or a telescope. To start with, you could look for a lunar map that you … Read more

What galaxies can you only see with a telescope?

a telescope and a night sky with stars

Man’s curiosity is as vast as the Universe. People have endless questions about the different phenomena and the existence of things on Earth and beyond. The study about our favorite Galaxy-Milky Way and some other galaxies have been around since the 17th century. Besides our Milky Way, billions of other galaxies are … Read more

Messier 81 Galaxy

the Messier 81 spiral galaxy with a huge nucleus

Located 12 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Ursa Major, Messier 81 is one of the brightest galaxies in the night sky. Messier 81 was discovered along with the nearby Cigar Galaxy (Messier 82) by the German astronomer Johann Elert Bode on December 31, 1774. It has an apparent magnitude of … Read more

What are the Major Telescope Brands?

telescope pointing to the starry sky

When it comes to telescopes, there are many different kinds and models out there which are offered by various brands. But when it comes to buying telescopes, it is better to choose one that is from a reputable telescope brand. This way, you can ensure that you are getting a high-quality product … Read more

Benefits of the Meade Instruments Infinity 102mm AZ Telescope

man using the Meade Infinity AZ telescope

If you are a backyard astronomer, or you like to go on stargazing whenever you travel or camp, then you need to have the right telescope for your arsenal. It can help transform your nights of the naked eye and binocular viewing into a rich world of deep-sky objects. Aside from that, … Read more

Guide for Buying Telescopes for the Children

a cute illustration of a telescope and the outer space

It can be difficult to choose a telescope for someone else, especially if it is for children. There are many different brands, models, and kinds of telescopes out there that are labeled for kids or beginners. However, not all of them are suitable for all kids. To help you out, there are … Read more