Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Over the US with the Next in 2024 Over Mexico and Texas

One of the biggest astrological events of 2017 will take place over the United States on August 21st. This day is one of the most anticipated star gazing events in recent years, and one that’s expected to bring out millions of onlookers from afar all the way to the US for a brief, but spectacular viewing. Being dubbed as the Great American Solar Eclipse 2017 which will provide quite a spectacle from Oregon to South Carolina.

The Total Solar Eclipse 2017 is easily this year’s best star gazing event and one that won’t be replicated until 2024 when a Solar Eclipse will be seen above Mexico and Texas. For those who are unaware, a total solar eclipse is when the sun completely disappears behind the moon which turns daylight into twilight. At the same time, the temperature will suddenly dip with evident streaks of light appearing throughout the sky resonating from the moon.

Path of Totality

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 - Path of Totality

To maximize the experience, there will be a stretch of land about 70 miles wide which will span from Oregon to South Carolina which is being called the Path of Totality. If you’re within this 70 mile stretch, will have a completely dark sky and what is certain to become an unforgettable experience.

The experience will still be memorable even if you’re outside the “Path of Totality” where you will see a partial solar eclipse. Instead of a complete obstruction, it will appear as though the moon is occupying space within the sun which is something that is seen up to 5 times per year. Total solar eclipses on the other hand are more rare and are only seen around the world about once every 1 1/2-years.

What You Can Expect to See

During a total solar eclipse, the sun is blacked out by the moon which only leaves the corona visible which is the outer atmosphere of the sun. The corona is where jets of light are seen into the sky which is often described as curling and twisting. Past experiences of onlookers have given new meaning to jaws dropping and joyful tears which are only some of the most amazing experiences described.

During the Path of Totality, daylight turns into twilight as the moon’s shadow is the only thing seen which is enhanced as it will be during the daytime. During the time of totality itself will be quite a spectacle, but it’s just before and after when the most memorable experience will take place. Onlookers will see the a shadow of darkness moving towards them, only to see it moving away moments later.

Where and WhenTotal Solar Eclipse 2017 - Where and When

The area where the Total Eclipse will be seen is a span of 70 miles wide which will stretch from Oregon to South Carolina. Other states where it will be visible include Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Nebraska, and North Carolina. Duration of totality is expected to only be 2 minutes and 40 seconds for those in the center of its path, and down to about 5 seconds for those on the extreme edge of its path.  While your waiting be sure to relax and enjoy as a great option.

The total eclipse will start on the west coast just before noon EST and will move east from there, visible in South Carolina around 4 PM EST.

Safety Considerations

You won’t need a telescope to see the total solar eclipse 2017, but you will need protective glasses. These glasses need to be recommended for solar viewing as you’ll be looking directly into the sun just before and after totality. Sun glasses are not sufficient and should not be substituted for solar viewing glasses when looking directly into the sun. A beach, such as the beaches at Port Aransas, can be a great place to watch an eclipse.