8 Space Themed Wall art and Wall Painting Ideas

The outer world is full of fascination, unsolvable mysteries, and the vastness yet to be discovered. The topic always makes one’s imagination take roller coaster rides.

It doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an adult if you love the mysteries of space and astronomy. But, then, let your home reflect your personality with unique decor.

Fortunately, there are so many ways in which you can incorporate this idea into your home or room. First, let’s look at upgrading your wall decor with a space theme wall art and paintings.

Fascinating Wall Canvas

The wall canvas with perfect displays of elements of outer space will turn you joyous. The premium space theme canvas available at ElephantStock has outstanding illustrations of constellations, eclipses, planetary motion, and much more.

The advantage of opting for canvas is that they are affordable, durable, lightweight, and need little care. In addition, the canvas is premium with protective film and UV scratch-resistant technology. Also, it comes with a ready-to-har sawtooth hanger.

One can choose a plain, multi-panel, or framed canvas. Again, you have various options available regarding styles and sizes that go with different rooms and spaces.



The removable wallpapers are yet another way of decorating walls with space theme ideas. The wallpapers available in subtle prints like stars or minor planets look very captivating. In addition, you can opt for your favorite color.

Suppose you want to cover all the walls with subtle print wallpaper; you can hang the bold canvas on it. But, on the other hand, one can create an accent wall with wallpaper with an extensive solar system, spaceship, or an astronaut in it.

You can install them quickly and remove them whenever you wish to. They are available in premium finish, different textures, and look and bring a new look to your wall.

Wall Decals

Wall decals like wall stickers in various things like solar systems, constellations, or galaxies also look very pretty. You can use this cut-out to paste it near your bed or hallway wall. They look elegant and eye-catching after pasting.

Wall Paintings

Wall paintings available both offline and online with spatial illustrations look very fresh and vibrant. You can glass frame it and make a perfect grid on a wall.

You can mix and match different aspects of space like the space shuttle, astronaut, your favorite quotes, some scientific drawings, or planetary systems.

Space Inspired Lights

The gorgeous and dreamy space-inspired light that is wall mounted looks stunning. Likewise, the wall light in the form of our moon looks fantastic.

It has the exact shape, texture, and color of moons’ light. It’s available in different planet shapes too. So, enrich your lighting with these unique ideas.

Unique Shelving

Unique Shelving

You can opt for hedge shelving, modular shelves, or floating shelves. Then, place a miniature form of astronauts and some space showpieces on it. Finally, you can arrange the frames in exciting patterns and keep some valuable space-released books, pieces, and more.

It is efficient and has unique wall decor. You can hang them near the bed or over the study table and uniquely present your love for space things.

Hang Some Info

Hang patent charts of astronomical equipment and some theories. In addition, you can do some calculations or something that is very important and boosts curiosity for the outer world. This is a fantastic idea and will be a great conversation starter. Hang it over the study table or on a long elongated wall. The idea is different and will look fantastic.

Let’s Wrap it

There are so many ways in which you can add a space theme to your desired space. With the wall decor or other elements, there are enough choices. You can pick your favorite ones and make your room turn informative and full of imagination.

The space theme is unique and versatile, and rich in itself. You can add informative decor and present everything aesthetically, and everyone will be shocked by your efforts.

Try out what suits you and you and your space well. There are many options to implement, so pick your favorite ones and start decorating your area now.