What Are The Top 10 Craters On Earth

What Are The Top 10 Craters On Earth

A depression formed by the hypervelocity impact of a smaller body on the surface of a planet, moon, or other solid body in the solar system is known as an impact crater. Volcanic craters, on the other hand, are formed due to the internal collapse or explosion of the planet. Impact craters … Read more

What Are Magnetic Explosions?

magnetic reconnection

The Earth’s magnetic field is never completely silent. Satellite data is supporting an explanation for the explosive nature of magnetic storms which are called magnetic explosions. The swirling motion of ionized gases in a mechanism known as a dynamo generates magnetic energy across the Universe – the twisting and folding of the … Read more

The Rarest Types Of Moons

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We all know to be cautious when there is a full moon in the sky, but what about other species? Beginner astronomers may know what to look for, but the rest of us may struggle to understand what to look for and what the various moons mean. Here are some rare moons … Read more

Can Samsung’s Camera Take A Clear Picture of The Moon?

Image of a clear moon in the sky.

For decades, humans have burdened the lunar rock with conspiracies one after another. From the suspicions around the Apollo landing being a hoax to beliefs of supermoons causing disasters and – the most bizarre – it being an alien station, significant lesions of people exist that believe these theories.  The latest conspiracy … Read more

Interesting Facts About The Mars Rovers


Humans have now been long searching the cosmic realms in their quest for extraterrestrial life and the prospects of human survival beyond Earth. From ground-breaking space missions like Kepler to Voyager 1 and Cassini-Huygens, we have found more than 4000 planets around. Out of these, about 30 are earth-sized planets that may … Read more

All About SpaceX

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Space X, founded by the tech billionaire Elon Musk in 2002, is a space company that came into being to colonize Mars.  With nearly two decades on, this company reigns the space industry with multiple wins on the board. It produced the first reusable rocket that landed back and launched the first … Read more

Facts About The Dragon Crew

Crew Dragon approaching the ISS in March 2019, during Demo-1

There was a time when only NASA carried out missions related to space. However, things have slightly changed today. Considering the interest of Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, NASA planned to hand over stationed flights to private companies who had the tools and could afford such missions.  At the same time, Elon Musk … Read more

Iconic Events In the History of Space Exploration

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For years, the human race has been trying to extend its reach to outer space and undiscovered galaxies. Of course, it is difficult but unarguably, both humans and science had made significant progress. However, sometimes we tend to forget where it all began. To understand what motivates the human race to keep … Read more

What are Black Holes?

black hole

For years, scientists have been trying to study black holes. What we today know about them is that black holes are basically regions in space where gravity is so strong that even electromagnetic radiation cannot escape. Over the years, many astronomers and scientists have come up with their theories regarding black holes.  … Read more

An Overview of The Planet Venus

Planet Venus

Venus is the second planet from the sun and is often called the earth’s twin. Over the years, scientists have discovered that our neighbor is the second brightest object existing within the earth’s orbit and can sometimes be seen from the naked eye. However, if you come closer, it turns hellish. The … Read more