Understanding Vulnerability Management

Understanding Vulnerability Management

These days, data and information is everything to companies and organizations. These establishments over time collect incredible amounts of information that is vital to both them and their customers. Many companies used this data to better understand their customers, create new products and services, as well as update or upgrade existing products … Read more

Fun Ideas for a Stargazing Party

night sky, stars, people stargazing, fence, grass, field

Spending an evening outside, cooking delicious food over a campfire, and gazing up at the night sky becomes even more remarkable when you have people who can help you spot shooting stars and planets!  Stargazing with your family is an excellent, educational, and enjoyable hobby. Small children might not enjoy themselves because … Read more

What are Penitentes?

tall ice formations, snowy surface, snowy mountains

Nature’s natural processes often create some of the most beautiful and seamless things ever seen by the naked eye. Included in these are the remarkable ones known as the Penitentes, located on the high altitude glaciers of the dry Andes bordering Chile and Argentina. Penitentes, also known as nieves penitentes, a Spanish term meaning “penitent-shaped snows,” are … Read more

Learn About the History of Animals in Space

Miss Baker the squirrel monkey, scale model of the Jupiter IRBM

Apollo 11 launched into space in July 1969, and ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Neil Armstrong successfully made the first crewed lunar landing. Millions of homes saw broadcasts of the television images of the men taking humankind’s very first steps on the surface of the moon. But numerous animals paved the way to this … Read more

Glow in the Dark Stars for Children

Picture of glow in the dark stars in bedroom.

The dark can be a scary place for the little ones. But turning the lights on at night can negatively affect their sleep and eyes in the long term. The carbon footprint, in addition, is enough to make anyone feel guilty.  So what is an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly way to provide … Read more

How to Up Your Chances of Seeing the Northern Lights

the night sky, northern lights

Going to see the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis may have one of the highest amounts of entries in people’s bucket lists. It seems that when people are asked about their dream vacation, most of them will include seeing the Northern Lights. Based on Livestrong.com’s World’s Most Popular Bucket List Activity … Read more

Top Sky Bedding Sets for Children

Silhouette of trees under Blue Starry Sky

Choosing cute beddings for your children can be a hectic thing to do. The bedding sets and comforters are the focal points of your LO’s room. Pillows, bedspreads, and sheets add to the decoration of your children’s room. It depends on the likeness of your children. Some prefer superheroes, animated cartoons, or … Read more

All You Should Know About NASA

NASA Facility

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is America’s civil space program. It is a global leader in space exploration. The organization is having 18,000 diverse workforces. There is other U.S. academia, contractors, international and commercial partners working with NASA, who want to discover, explore, and expand the knowledge of space for humanity.  … Read more

Reviews and Ratings of Companies in the UAE

Reviews and Ratings of Companies in the UAE

If you plan to visit the UAE, you probably already know that there is an enormous number of hotels, restaurants, malls, and other entertainment facilities. It is very complicated to decide on the list of preferred companies if you are not local. Well, you can trust the advertisement. However, be ready that … Read more

Armageddon: An Interesting Space Movie

Poster of the movie, Armageddon.

If you have a keen interest in watching action and suspense-based films, Armageddon should definitely be on your list. The movie was released in 1998 and is based on the story of a large asteroid that is coming to hit the earth in a matter of a few weeks only. Armageddon is … Read more