What Happens To Your Body When You Are In Space?

big rocket launching, blue sky, green field, thick smoke under the rocket, blue planet covered in clouds

Being in outer space might be amazing and a little bit exciting because not all people are given a chance to be outside of Earth, but being in space can be quite dangerous to the human body because space can be a hostile environment. A person in space is being exposed to too high radiation … Read more

How did celestial bodies get their names?

Sun and the 8 planets in the Solar System

WHAT ARE CELESTIAL BODIES? In your primary, secondary, or even in college, you can across terms like heavenly bodies and celestial bodies, and then you might wonder how they look like and how big are they, how long they live, and what do they do? Heavenly bodies, or celestial bodies, are objects … Read more

The Mystery behind the Blood Falls in Antarctica

a red fall from an icy cliff

If not defined and explained by science, some strange weather phenomena and other events will be thought of as a sign of an Armageddon or an apocalypse and people perhaps think they are punished for their wrongdoings just like what happened in the time of Moses in the Exodus. In 1911, at … Read more

The History of Satellites

big satellite floating in front of a planet, spherical planet with blue glowing color, dark background with shining stars

Satellites are objects that orbit around a planet, a star, or any other celestial body. They may be natural or man-made. There are two different types of satellites: the natural satellite, like the moon, which orbits the Earth, and the planets in the solar system that orbit around the sun. The second … Read more

Luna 2: The First Successful Spacecraft

a conceptual model with an astronaut, a space capsule, and the stars on the galaxy

Besides stars and constellations, we like to watch videos and hear stories about spacecraft and space probes as they bring us out of this planet, even only in our thoughts. Luna 2 was the first successful spacecraft that reached the Moon’s surface and the first human-made object contacted with another celestial body. … Read more

Satellites and Their Uses

satellite floating, blue background with white foggy area

Have you ever wondered what satellites are for? Or how they affect our lives? Well, for starters, satellites are created by man to put them into orbit. We may not know it, but they did and still do a lot of help in our lives. They provide us with security, bring forth … Read more

Where Do Old Satellites Go When They Die?

satellite on the upper right side, blue earth, white sheets on earth

Satellites are sometimes a moon, a planet, or man-made machines that orbit around celestial bodies like planets or stars. Planets like Earth are examples of a satellite because they orbit the sun. It is the same as the moon as our satellite because it orbits our planet, Earth. There are two kinds of satellites, … Read more

Animal species that live in the coldest parts of the Earth

dirty white polar bear, small penguin sitting beside the polar bear, ice over the water

All animals require a safe and a healthy place to live. Most of them live in places that are particularly for their kind. Places where it is appropriate for them to eat, raise their young, to protect them from predators, and to live. Some examples of the habitat of animals are the … Read more

Animals that live in the Hottest Places on Earth

a fennec fox on a white sand, and rock formations at the back

Earth has various weather conditions, and some of them are harsher than the others. It’s astounding how animals thrive in some of the hottest places on Earth. While very high temperatures send humans running to turn on the air-conditioner, some animals flourish in the heat. Here are the different animals that thrive in these harsh … Read more