Triangulum Galaxy (Messier 33)

a clearer image of Triangulum galaxy

The Triangulum galaxy is a spiral galaxy about 3 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Triangulum. The galaxy cataloged as Messier 33, or NGC 598, belongs to the Local Group of galaxies, including our Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxies. It is one of the smallest in the Local Group and … Read more

Andromeda: The Closet Spiral Galaxy

Andromeda galaxy with other neighboring galaxies

Several dozen minor galaxies lie closer to the Milky Way, but the Andromeda galaxy is the nearest large spiral galaxy to it. Also known as the M31, the Andromeda Galaxy is the brightest galaxy you can see from northerly latitudes. At 2.5 million light-years, this is perhaps one of Earth’s most distant … Read more

Centaurus A Galaxy

A galaxy of stars

Have you heard this line: “look at the stars, look how they shine for you”? That line is from “Yellow,” a song written by Coldplay. Like what the song suggests, look at the stars. When the pandemic struck nations, it brought changes in our daily routines and how we see our planet. … Read more

Top Telescopes Anyone Can Visit

Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

For children, teenagers, and adults who are fascinated by astronomy, visiting an observatory with a large telescope will certainly fuel their interests in the field. Not only will they be able to learn more about planets and stars in space, but they would also be able to use a telescope that is … Read more

The Interesting History of Weather Forecasting

A lighthouse on a mountain under a cloudy sky

People have always enjoyed trying to predict things. Gambling is a major indication of our tendency to try to calculate outcomes before they take place. One such favorite pastime people employed for fun or to impress is predicting the upcoming weather conditions. Since ancient times, people have carefully analyzed the weather patterns … Read more

What Is It Like to Be a Storm Chaser?

Assembly of two photos from National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) in Norman, Oklahoma that shows staff and instrument chasing tornadoes during the first VORTEX project from 1994 1995

One doesn’t need permission to become a storm chaser, but there are lots of things to consider, including several laws, education, and equipment. If you love storms and are interested in knowing what it is like to be a storm chaser, then you are reading just the right article. Let’s get started. … Read more

Upcoming Schedule of Solar and Lunar Eclipses

lunar eclipse

An eclipse is the masking of a celestial body by another along an observer’s line of sight. From our perspective on Earth, there are two types of eclipses that occur. One is the lunar eclipse which is the blocking of the moon by the Earth’s shadow, and the other one is the … Read more