What are Contrail Clouds?

Contrails of a Boeing plane

Perhaps, we all had experienced from our childhood, watching a jet plane passing in the sky and leaving that white line. On a sunny weather, up on a clear blue sky, the wispy white trails are a beautiful view whether you are on an air trip or on land. Contrails are shortened … Read more

The Different Types of Clouds

numerous pine trees, fog covering the pine trees

A cloud is a very light mass that consists of water drops and ice crystals present in the skies. They are formed through the condensation of the water vapor. There are different types of clouds based on their height in our skies and their shapes. Some examples of the main types of clouds are … Read more

Lunar Plains and Mountains Visible Through a Telescope

space, moon, satellite, craters, lunar, mountains

Earth’s Moon is perhaps the most magnificent view up in the night sky. It’s one of the celestial bodies one can view with their naked eyes. The moon, though, looks even more spectacular when viewed up close using binoculars or a telescope. To start with, you could look for a lunar map that you … Read more

Mare: Seas of Lava on the Moon

up-close black and white image of the Moon

Mysteries about the Moon attract humans to explore more and to have a broader understanding of what life is there. From the Earth, we are always mesmerized and fascinated by its beauty. Even the observers during the 17th century curiously investigated and looked at it using earlier types of telescopes. They saw … Read more

Tadpole Galaxy and Hoag’s Object

Tadpole galaxy

Tadpole galaxy also known as UGC 10214 or Arp 188is a disrupted barred spiral galaxy located 420 million light-years from Earth toward the northern constellation Draco. Its most spectacular feature is a massive trail of bright blue star clusters approximately 280,000 light-years long, reflecting the essence of our dynamic, restless, and violent … Read more

The Science Behind Auroras

two men on a boat, a lake, the Moon and the Auroral display of lights

“I want auroras and sad prose. I want to watch wisteria grows…” perhaps, artist Taylor Swift was also fascinated and mesmerized by the beauty and the colors of auroras that she even mentioned it and had thought of it when she composed the song “The Lakes.” But what exactly are auroras, and … Read more

The Moon and Its Shadows

gray colored surface, rough surface with holes

As seen in the naked eye, the moon is probably the biggest and the brightest celestial object in our sky during the night time. The moon is a round-shaped celestial object, and it is the only object that orbits around the Earth. It is among the 190+ natural satellites that orbit the different planets in … Read more

Hercules Globular Cluster

Messier 13 or the Hercules globular cluster

Hercules Globular Cluster is Messier 13 or designated NGC 6205, a globular cluster of several hundred thousand stars in the Hercules constellation. For many stargazers, M13 is the finest globular cluster in the northern half of the heavens. It is in a star pattern Keystone– an asymmetrical square in the constellation Hercules … Read more

The Crab Nebula

shining stars, pinkish and purplish spherical glow

A nebula is known to be a huge cloud that is made up of gas and dust that were formed in space. This dust and gas came from an eruption of a massive dying star, like the supernova. One great example of a nebula is the Crab Nebula. The Crab Nebula, also … Read more

What are Double Stars?

a portion of the moon’s image, night sky with stars, with two brightest stars, and the image of mountains

Stargazing is perhaps one of the most loved recreational activities among the lovers of the heavenly bodies. Who does not like and amazed by their magnificence anyway? The moon, star clusters, the vast universe, shooting stars, and the serene and calming night sky. It may be overwhelming to some beginners in the field … Read more