What Is A Humidity Gauge And How To Use It?

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Air that’s too humid or too dry will make you feel uncomfortable and can even ruin your plans for the day. Humidity alters your perception of a given temperature – more humidity makes you feel warmer and lower humidity makes you feel cooler, even though the temperature’s the same. Basic meteorology uses … Read more

The Different Types of Weather Conditions

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Weather is the day-to-day state of the Earth’s atmosphere regarding the different weather components such as temperature, wind, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and cloudiness. As we all know, the weather condition is not constant, and it changes every day. Today it might be sunny, and tomorrow might be a rainy day. Written … Read more

Factors Affecting The Weather

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One moment the weather is pleasant, you see cirrus clouds, and it’s very hot as the scorching heat of the Sun touches your skin, and then after a couple of hours, it rained so hard. Despite a weather forecast of rain, there was not even a droplet of rain happened. What must be the causes … Read more

The Interesting History of Weather Forecasting

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People have always enjoyed trying to predict things. Gambling is a major indication of our tendency to try to calculate outcomes before they take place. One such favorite pastime people employed for fun or to impress is predicting the upcoming weather conditions. Since ancient times, people have carefully analyzed the weather patterns … Read more

National Weatherman’s Day

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When planning an event or even going about our daily routine, we usually check the weather forecast before leaving the house. This is done to ensure that we are prepared before heading outside, whether it’s for school, college, work, or errands. Checking the weather helps us to know when to bring an … Read more