What is Red lightning?

water, trees, storm clouds, lightning, red sky

Red lightning or red sprites are large-scale electric discharges occurring overhead cumulonimbus or thunderstorm clouds, causing a wide range of visual shapes to flicker in the night sky. They are typically brought on by the positive lightning discharges between the ground and an underlying thundercloud. These luminous reddish-orange flashes usually happen at … Read more

Facts You Should Know About Antarctica

Group of penguins on ice

Antarctica is one of the continents in the south. The geographic location of Antarctica is in the South Pole. To your surprise, it is the fifth-largest continent and it is twice the size of Australia. Among all of the seven continents on this planet, Antarctica is the least populated continent. In summers, … Read more

What is an Aurora and What Makes it Happen?

Northern Lights in Iceland

An aurora or northern lights is a display of colorful natural lights that shimmer in the sky. These lights typically feature a yellow, green or red colors etc. Furthermore, the lights gently shift and even change shape like soft blowing curtains. Only visible at night, aurora are known to appear usually in … Read more

What causes Thunderstorms?

dark large clouds and the flashes of lightning, a road and street lights

It was a pleasant day one morning. The clouds are in the sky forming different shapes and sizes. Ben and Mike decided to go for a hike to breathe some colder and fresher air of the mountain. They packed their things, brought water, food, and other essential stuff for the day’s adventure. … Read more

What is Cloud Seeding?

big puffy clouds, strong rainfall in the middle, tall grass, several bungalow houses

Clouds contain water droplets that condense and eventually turn into rain. However, not all the time that the water is enough to create precipitation. Sometimes, water molecules spread out due to the lack of water droplets on the clouds. This is where the importance of cloud seeding comes in. WHAT IS CLOUD … Read more

What is Catatumbo lightning?

black surrounding and the lightning

Lightning is the sudden discharge of the electrostatic force during an electrical storm. During this discharge, the atmosphere’s charged regions equalize themselves temporarily right as they hit an object on the ground. There will always be the sound of thunder accompanying the lightning. How does lightning form? Since lightning is an electric … Read more

Places with the most extreme weather conditions

trees and the road covered with thick snow

The different types of clouds signify about the condition of the day. Cirrus clouds mean you can enjoy a pleasant day at your favorite beach or have some fun mountain trailing with your friends. However, when you see a stratus cloud, expect a little rain or sometimes a little snow. With the … Read more

The Different Types of Weather Conditions

bright sky partially covered with clouds, rays of sun light, mountains, grassland slope

Weather is the day-to-day state of the Earth’s atmosphere regarding the different weather components such as temperature, wind, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and cloudiness. As we all know, the weather condition is not constant, and it changes every day. Today it might be sunny, and tomorrow might be a rainy day. Written … Read more

Factors Affecting The Weather

a woman with her umbrella and a rainyday with cars on the street

One moment the weather is pleasant, you see cirrus clouds, and it’s very hot as the scorching heat of the Sun touches your skin, and then after a couple of hours, it rained so hard. Despite a weather forecast of rain, there was not even a droplet of rain happened. What must be the causes … Read more