What are the different types of clouds?

clouds in different sizes and shapes

Clouds sometimes look like white cotton candies in the sky or like cotton balls, and sometimes they appear as feathers, teddy bears, rings, and so on. Clouds are such extraordinary objects we can see in the sky when the weather is fine, and the Sun is out. WHAT ARE CLOUDS MADE OF? … Read more

What are Contrail Clouds?

Contrails of a Boeing plane

Perhaps, we all had experienced from our childhood, watching a jet plane passing in the sky and leaving that white line. On a sunny weather, up on a clear blue sky, the wispy white trails are a beautiful view whether you are on an air trip or on land. Contrails are shortened … Read more

The Different Types of Clouds

numerous pine trees, fog covering the pine trees

A cloud is a very light mass that consists of water drops and ice crystals present in the skies. They are formed through the condensation of the water vapor. There are different types of clouds based on their height in our skies and their shapes. Some examples of the main types of clouds are … Read more

The Science Behind Auroras

two men on a boat, a lake, the Moon and the Auroral display of lights

“I want auroras and sad prose. I want to watch wisteria grows…” perhaps, artist Taylor Swift was also fascinated and mesmerized by the beauty and the colors of auroras that she even mentioned it and had thought of it when she composed the song “The Lakes.” But what exactly are auroras, and … Read more

The Interesting History of Weather Balloons

Weather balloon

Gathering information about the weather is a crucial role done by meteorologists to help society. They have been using different instruments, and one of them is weather balloons. A weather balloon looks like a hot air balloon, but it’s much more than that. It’s a type of high-altitude gas balloon that carries … Read more

The Interesting History of Weather Forecasting

A lighthouse on a mountain under a cloudy sky

People have always enjoyed trying to predict things. Gambling is a major indication of our tendency to try to calculate outcomes before they take place. One such favorite pastime people employed for fun or to impress is predicting the upcoming weather conditions. Since ancient times, people have carefully analyzed the weather patterns … Read more

What Is It Like to Be a Storm Chaser?

Assembly of two photos from National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) in Norman, Oklahoma that shows staff and instrument chasing tornadoes during the first VORTEX project from 1994 1995

One doesn’t need permission to become a storm chaser, but there are lots of things to consider, including several laws, education, and equipment. If you love storms and are interested in knowing what it is like to be a storm chaser, then you are reading just the right article. Let’s get started. … Read more